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PLEASE NOTE:  Southlake Community Services will cease OSHC services at Bonnells Bay Public School on Friday 7th February 2020.  Sherpa Kids Australia will commence OSHC services at Bonnells Bay Public School from Monday 10th February 2020 .

For enrolment details please contact:
Sherpa Kids Australia Hunter Director, Elaine McCourt
0410 647 153

The Southlake Community Services team acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we gather and pay respect to the Elders past, present and future.

Southlake Community Services is a not-for-profit, incorporated community organisation which  plays a vital role in the local community and is dedicated to connecting and supporting people in the South Lake Macquarie area through services, volunteer opportunities, groups and activities. 

From humble volunteer beginnings in 1991, the organisation has developed into a multi platform dynamic and innovative organisation with efficient, professional coordination and administration.   Southlake Community Services incorporates Horizons Disability Support Program, Southlake Neighbourhood Centre, Southlake Out Of School Hours and Southlake Youth Service as key projects each providing support and programming across the community.  

Southlake Community Services works to build an inclusive and welcoming community which values local participation, fairness and access for everyone. We approach our work using community development principles seeing the community as a place where people are both needed and supported, and where the strengths and diversity of local community members are celebrated.

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Our volunteers are a vital source of strength for our organisation and together we achieve big things for the local Southlake community. With a focus on creating opportunities for local people to get involved, get creative and innovative sharing their passions and strengths Southlake Community Services prides itself on being a volunteer based organisation with over 20 years experience working together with local community members across all of our projects.

How can you get involved?

What are your interests and passions? Share your ideas, experience and knowledge with us.

Volunteer to increase your knowledge, skills and education in any one of our Projects.

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South Lake Macquarie


The community covered by Southlake Community Services includes Morisset, Bonnells Bay and Morisset Peninsula, Cooranbong, Martinsville, Dora Creek and surrounds. These communities are located at the southern end of Lake Macquarie and are characterised by a combination of town centres, suburban development including waterfront housing and businesses and also semi rural and rural development. They are bordered by the Watagan Mountains to the west.

Morisset is the transport hub for the area with a major train station, bus interchange and freeway access both south to Sydney and north to Newcastle.

In 2014 the population of the area (identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as Morisset-Cooranbong was 15,066. The area is a popular retirement destination, with a median age for the area being 45.2 considerably older than the median age for Australia at 37.7 (ABS 2014).

Median total income for the area is lower than the national median ($39,596 for Morisset Cooranbong compared with $44,940 nationally) (ABS 2014)

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