About Us


Southlake Community Services is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation dedicated to connecting and supporting people in the South Lake Macquarie area through services, volunteer opportunities, groups and activities. Our mission and focus is developing community. Our organisation is based out of Morisset Multipurpose Centre, but we endeavour to work across our community. Southlake Community Services works to build an inclusive and welcoming community which values local participation, sustainability, fairness, and access for everyone.

We have a strong and long-term track record (our organisation was established in 1992) in working to support community members in Morisset and surrounding areas. Our services, programs and projects are focused on community capacity building and our work is underpinned by principles of strengths-based practice. In recent years, we have refocused and refreshed our work, developing a strategic vision and practical initiatives which link community wellbeing, social, economic and environmental sustainability through inclusion.

Brooke Murphy
Organisational Coordinator

Debbie Boon
Operations Worker

Regan Weber
Youth Coordinator

Liam Lewis
Community Strengthening Worker

Shakaia Tickle
Community Engagement Worker

Christopher Brown
Community Strengthening Worker

Elle Stewart
Horizons Coordinator

Southlake Community Services is committed to strong, transparent and supportive governance. This means providing strategic leadership to the organisation and ensuring that the proper processes and structures are in place so that it can operate effectively and ethically.

Our Governance Board is an elected, representative and collective volunteer body which is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is operating in line with its purpose, achieving results, remaining solvent, and complying with all relevant legal, financial and ethical obligations.

Our Governance Board comprises local community members who bring expertise in business, education, social work, research, human service delivery and local community knowledge.  


Julia Sudgen

Amanda Howard
Vice President

Alison Wooden

Chris Boddey

M. Glenn Clark